Trump Encyclopedia of Minerals

Ayu Profile of Mineral Playing Card Creator

CEO Kids Academy Business Contest 2020 winner Ayu.
Ayu devised “Mineral playing cards” that makes you smarter just by playing Original mineral playing cards that have achieved 545% crowdfunding in Japan have landed in the United States!

Hello, my name is Ayu. I am 13 years old and live in Japan.
I was a sixth grade of elementary school at the time and loved minerals.
I decided to create a playing card that you can learn about minerals that was not sold in my thoughts are with this stone playing card.

★I want to create a place where people who are interested in minerals from all over the world can talk casually.

★I want to make it a place where you can meet mineral museums around the world Currently, Japanese and English versions of Mineral Playing Cards are on sale.
I Not only can you play as a card, You can play as an original battle game card.

Thorough analysis of 54 minerals listed in Trump! Now you can become a mineral expert.

How to play



It is the hardest of all minerals and has many colors.

♡2spessartion garnet

It is an orange garnet and is found in Sri Lanka and other places.

♡3uvarovite garnet

Fine green crystals with a few large crystals.

♡4andradite garnet

Melanite garnet, which is mainly black in color, is a variety of andradite garnet.


It can be found in Japan, green and white minerals.


When chrome is contained in the rough corundum, it becomes a transparent red ruby.


When iron is contained in beryl, it becomes a clear light bule like aquamarine.


The same beryl as aquamarine, a green mineral containing chromium and vanadium.


Besides use in jewels, it has the advantage of not melting up to 1900 degrees and is also used as a refractory.


It is a historical mineral that has been excavated for over 6000 years.


Amber with precious insects was formed in the late Cretaceous.


Opal is an amorphous mineral that does not have a crystalline structure.


Topaz with an exquisitely mixed color like sherry is said to be more valuable.

The ♡ minerals

In the ♡ playing cards, we put minerals that become gems that you all know well. (there are exceptions)
♡ playing card minerals are often used as jewelry and accessories. Accessories are easy to obtain, but rough stones are difficult to obtain.



It is colorless and transparent.
The name changes depending on the impurities.


The crystal contains a small amount of iron and becomes a purple crystal.

♢3smoky quartz

The crystal contains some impurities and becomes blackish, but the cause of the color development is not yet known.


It turns yellow when the crystal is subjected to thermal interference or when radiation is applied to the crystal.

♢5garden quartz

It is called this way because the minerals contained in the crystal look like a small garden.


A type of zeolite with radio crystals.


An elemental mineral formed only of sulfur.
There used to be a sulfur mine in Japan as well.

♢8tiger eye

This name comes from the fact that the light streaks of the polished tiger eye looks like a tiger.


It has been used as a green pigment for a long time.
The powder is used as a paint.


A mineral that has been used as a blue pigment as well as malachite.


It is a mineral of iron ore and its magnetic force differs depending on the production area.


A green mica discovered in 1876.
It can be peeled off thinly.


Since the atoms are in a fine layer, they can be peeled off thinly.

The ♢ minerals

The ♢ minerals incorporate things with interesting properties.
It has various properties, such as being able to be peeled off thinly, being like a magnet, and being named differently depending on minute differences in ingredients.
Easy to get and easy to get.



From twins that intersect at 60 or 90 degrees.


A mineral containing the rare element zirconium.
It emits yellow light with ultraviolet rays.


It has a lighter specific density than gold and silver.
A very soft mineral as a metal.


It got its name because it was discovered in Tanzania in 1967.


A type of clear yellow phosphate mineral.

♧6desert rose

Water that existed in the desert evaporated, and gypsum and sand crystallized.


It is a mineral produced by the decomposition of galena and has a heavy specific density of 7.0.


White to colorless crystals, a type of zeolite.


When heated, it emits light in various colors, and when exposed to ultraviolet light, it emits purple light.


There are agates with various characteristics, in various colors.


There are several colors and different shapes.


It has often been mistaken for gold because of its color.
It has a neat shape without polishing.


A heavy metal mineral with a cubic crystal and a specific density of 7.5.

The ♧ minerals

The ♧ minerals are those that are used in various ways in everyday life.
Minerals are useful in many ways in our daily lives, such as raw materials for fluorine and lead.
The difficulty of obtaining it is so-so, and it is often used for industrial purposes rather than for ornamental purposes.



Calcite has the property of dividing light into two directions and writing viewed through it appears double.


Aragonite crystallized in a stone in an explosive manner.


Rhodochrosite is a rosy stone with a deep pink color.


A type of carbonate mineral found in the province of Arago, Spein.


Hardness is as low as 3.0 and it is very fragile.


It is also called apophyllite because it looks like fish from one side.


Obsidian that can only be found in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido.
Black and red are marbled.


A mineral discovered in Greenland in the 18th century and not yet found in Japan.
It got this name because it resembles ice.


Since it contains strontium, it is also a raw material for red fireworks.


Tourmaline is divided into more than 10 types depending on the composition.
Among them, this stone is block because it contains a lot of iron.


This stone can be found in various colors, and sometimes more than one color in one stone.


Hemimorphite has different shapes of upper and lower crystals when the crystals when the crystals are cut in half.


It is green like emerald.
It can be found all over the world but has not been found in Japan yet.

The ♤ minerals

The ♤ minerals have interesting shapes and colors.
I collected things such as marbled colors and complicated shapes.
It’s fairly difficult to obtain, but most of them don’t ask their names.



A blue mineral. This was not found for a long time, but can be found in a few countries such as Brazil and India.


Since there are various types of meteorites, their hardness and specific density are unknown.

The JK minerals

I incorporated my favorites into the JK Joker.
Both are rare minerals and difficult to obtain.
In particular, meteorites come in many different types, hardnesses, and specific gravities, so finding your favorite is difficult.